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December 3, 2018 Wall Ideas

Fake Brick Wall Ideas

To give your home background unique color textures, fake brick wall is a wonderful way. Yes, fake bricks are quite popular for some interesting focal points. Interior and exterior home can have the faux brick walls. You can find them in form of panels made of fabric. Brick veneer is quite favored because of highly uniqueness at high value. You can be sure of creating extremely different look and feel in the room.


Especially when it comes to modern and contemporary homes and apartments, fake brick walls can give significant differences. How can it be? Can you imagine having most of the furnishings in sleek look and clean line finishes? Meanwhile, the walls are looking so roughed. It is certainly a very unique way to represent your personal style. However, this prevails if you like it indeed.

23 Inspiration Gallery from Fake Brick Wall Ideas

Image of: awesome-fake-brick-wall-panel
Image of: awesome-fake-brick-wall-panels
Image of: fake-brick-walls
Image of: fake-brick-wall-tuscan
Image of: fake-brick-wall-tiles
Image of: fake-brick-wall-lowes
Image of: fake-brick-wall-interior
Image of: fake-brick-wall-home-depot
Image of: fake-brick-wall-fabric
Image of: fake-brick-wall-covering
Image of: fake-brick-veneer-walls
Image of: fake-brick-interior-wall
Image of: fake-brick-for-walls
Image of: fake-brick-for-interior-walls
Image of: diy-fake-brick-wall
Image of: interior-fake-brick-wall
Image of: faux-panels-fake-brick-walls
Image of: faux-brick-walls-for-bedroom
Image of: faux-brick-for-kitchen-wall
Image of: fake-interior-brick-wall
Image of: fake-exposed-brick-wall
Image of: fake-bricks-for-walls
Image of: fake-bricks-for-walls-interior

Fake brick wall in Tuscan style is lovable because of warm earthy tone colors. Fireplace surround and shelving look so intricate with it. There are colors that popular such as light brown, red and white. You can mix or match them with existing style of your home decorating. Just make it splashy to feature elegance and attractive value to your living space.

Fake brick wall panels are more than just for the covering. Wallpaper and fabric are available as the materials that inexpensive. Doing it yourself installation will save you from budget for hiring a pro. Bedroom, kitchen and more interior rooms can have the fake bricks for the wall refreshment ideas. Outdoor spaces like porch and exterior walls are also good with it.

So where to make a purchase on the fake brick walls? Lowes and Home Depot have always been the trustworthy online retailers to shop at. You can select in size, color, texture and style to complete your decorating ideas. For the examples, we show you some pictures on gallery to learn.

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